Hey y’all.

My name is Sarah-Grace Sweeney (SG). I am a writer and editor living in Brooklyn. This blog is for all of the nonsense about, liked, and written by me.

I am a feminist and coffee drinker; an avid reader and over thinker. I’ve got an affinity for crop tops and boots of all styles. I enjoy yoga and solitary walks during which I can shamelessly listen to the same song on repeat.

Ask me a question (or 50) and send me your thoughts and secrets. I’m a Pisces so I’ll like it.

email me at sarahgracesweeney@gmail.com
follow me at @sarahgrace317


2 thoughts on “Hey y’all.

  1. I was at ecoustics-com, and read your question about video editing worthy laptops from 2006, and checked to see if you had a website today that demonstrated its use. Your blog page is marvelous. I have come to appreciate the minimalist approach, where your playful use of words, your spirit and spunk do the popping. The world is a better place for your being in it. Thank you.
    Ray Bradburry saw two kids running down the street, and stop in front of a store, where one of them gazed at what was inside. The other beckoned him to keep going. Ray just thought to himself and wished fervently, “Go ahead, go inside kid. Follow your instincts.” —> everything is so busy all the time…. do we get off the track, once in a while, and ‘go inside’ ? If we do so, will the course of our life be forever altered?
    Wishing you well. Hope you always write. Hope you also video and photograph.
    — from the heartland, cat sitting here in Madison WI.

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